APIC’s commitment to research

The association’s research program is supervised by the APIC Research Committee. The committee coordinates initiatives focused on practical solutions, grounded in science, and that can be implemented across the spectrum of healthcare settings. The aim of the APIC Research Committee is to make implementation science a meaningful and essential tool used by all infection preventionists.

Read the 2014—2015 research program report.

APIC sponsors research studies and collaborates with academic investigators on projects that align with the association’s priorities. The findings help infection preventionists make clinically relevant and meaningful improvements to patient safety.

APIC also collaborates with government agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, and private sector organizations on research projects.

To contribute: send your checks payable to “APIC Research Fund” to APIC Research Fund, 1400 Crystal Drive, Suite 900, Arlington, VA 22202. For more information email Colin Richardson, Associate Director, Special Projects & Development at crichardson@apic.org.

Educational Resources

As part of Strategic Plan 2020, APIC is offering several online education programs, developed by experts from APIC’s Research Committee, that focus on the basics of research and implementation science:

  • Research Webinar Series
    This 5-part recorded lecture series provides learning opportunities for participants with a strong interest in developing or improving their skills in evaluating and conducting research. 
  • Evaluating and Conducting Research Virtual Learning Lab
    This hands-on learning experience allows participants to deepen their understanding of implementation science and develop or improve their skills for evaluating and conducting quality, impactful research in the IP field.

Announcing the application period for the 2019 APIC Graduate Student Award has begun!

The APIC Graduate Student Award (AGSA) supports research that advances infection prevention and evidence-based implementation science. The award is given to a student seeking to complete a master’s or doctoral degree.

For the purpose of this funding opportunity, implementation science is defined as research that creates new knowledge about how best to design, implement, and evaluate quality improvement initiatives. The most competitive applications will focus on implementation science, demonstrating its value and implications for infection prevention and quality efforts across clinical settings.

You could be the next AGSA recipient! Apply here!

AGSA is an example of what we can accomplish with your contributions to the APIC Research Fund.