MegaSurvey 2020

What is the APIC MegaSurvey?

The APIC MegaSurvey, first administered in 2015, was completed by more than 4,000 infection preventionists (IPs). The survey captured the current state of the profession encompassing four domains of the infection prevention practice: demographic characteristics, compensation, organizational structure, and practice and competency.

The MegaSurvey 2020 will be the second iteration of this study, which will be launching mid-January 2020. Each APIC member will receive a personalized email with a survey link.

Infection Prevention Outside of the Acute Care Setting: Results from the MegaSurvey of Infection Preventionists

The State of infection Prevention Staffing and Resources – U.S. Acute Care Hospitals

Why is it important?

The MegaSurvey creates an opportunity to track the many variables involved with IPC practice, providing a foundation for current and potential IPs to better understand their field.

It provides an opportunity to learn the best method of maintaining a healthy institution for the prevention of hospital-acquired infections from those on the frontlines.

International Responses to the 2015 MegaSurvey

What are the resources gained?

Using the data gained from the survey results, APIC will create three separate reports: compensation, organizational structure, and practice and competency. These reports, similar to those done after the 2015 survey, will allow APIC to translate the information gained in a comparative sense. Not only will we better understand the current IPC field, but we will also be able to reference the prior survey and understand the trajectory of certain components.

In addition to these reports, APIC’s Research Committee will use the data gleaned from the survey to write papers that will help APIC and its members better understand the state of the profession, important aspects of professional development, and which organizational structures within healthcare facilities best promote IPC.

Factors the Affect Annual Compensation
Hiring IPs with Diverse Backgrounds Would Address Expanding Roles

2015 MegaSurvey Reports

APIC is publishing comprehensive reports based on the survey data which are available in the APIC Store:

Results from the 2015 MegaSurvey have been published in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC). Access the journal articles and the APIC press release

Compensation Report
The information contained in this report represents complete and accurate compensation data on individuals working in the infection prevention and control prevention. The report is designed to allow organizations and individuals to compare their compensation levels to their peers.

Organizational Structure Report
This report provides detailed information about IPC programs in many different types of healthcare facilities. Results are broken out by primary responsibility of the infection preventionist (single facility, multiple facilities, corporate or system wide, academic, or consulting).

Practices and Competencies Report 
This report is designed to allow organizations and individuals to compare key aspects of their roles and responsibilities to those of their peers related to eight key areas of infection preventionist competency.