Do the “WAVE” to help protect your loved ones from healthcare-associated infections

The Office of Healthcare Quality (OHQ) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Partnership for Patients have created the “WAVE” campaign to help caregivers protect their loved ones from healthcare-associated infections. The “WAVE” campaign directs patients and their family members to wash hands, ask questions, vaccinate and ensure safety. The campaign provides several free tools including a wallet card, brochure and posters.

The “WAVE” campaign encourages the following:

“W” – Wash hands

Wash or clean hands before, during, and after visiting a healthcare facility.

“A” – Ask questions

Ask questions of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. You can improve your loved one’s care by taking an active role. Speak up if anything concerns you or you don’t understand the answers you receive.

“V” – Vaccinate

Vaccinate against the flu each year, unless otherwise directed by your doctor or other healthcare provider. Ask friends and family members who are sick to not visit the hospital.

“E” – Ensure safety

Ensure safety by not touching medical equipment unless absolutely necessary. Work with healthcare providers to make sure catheters and other medical devices are properly maintained and removed promptly.

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