Starting a new APIC chapter

Starting a new local chapter takes leadership, organization, and commitment. Learn the benefits of being an APIC chapter.

APIC can guide you along the way. Take these steps to start a local chapter:

  • Organize a group of at least fifteen active APIC members who want to start a local chapter; a period of at least 12 months is recommended for this step.
  • Assign or elect a leader or small group of leaders to spearhead the effort. This person or group will likely establish the chapter’s first leadership team/board of directors and would be responsible for compiling the necessary information for the application for chapter status, which must include the following:
    • Roster confirming at least 15 active APIC members
    • Completed application
    • A copy of the chapter’s bylaws to be reviewed and approved by APIC headquarters
    • A list of the names and contact information for the chapter’s officers
  • Complete the new chapter application and send to Crystal Moohn, APIC associate director of membership and component relations.
  • The associate director of membership and component relations will verify that all the petitioners are current APIC members in good standing; review the chapter application and work with APIC legal counsel to review and approve chapter bylaws; and work with the group to make any necessary revisions to the application or bylaws prior to approval.

Once APIC approves (or declines) chapter status, the associate director of membership and component relations will notify the contact person from that potential chapter.