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Advisory Group for Industry Perspectives

The Advisory Group for Industry Perspectives is an online resource showcasing IPC solutions from industry, designed to enhance IP competency. The Industry Perspectives Advisory Group reviews the website and recommends features to enhance user experience, identifies potential content collaborators and provides editorial advice in an effort to elevate awareness and usage of this online educational tool. View Panel. 

ATO Editorial Panel 

The ATO Editorial Panel reviews and revises the APIC Text Online (ATO), APIC’s flagship resource for practice and for certification and recertification study. All content follows rigorous development and review practices. Chapter updates are identified by a number of criteria, including monthly analytics, industry trends, and activities by the CDC and other government or advisory bodies, as well as relevance to general practice, frequency of use, regulatory dimension, robustness/fragility, and consequences to direct care. View Panel. 

Practice Resources Panel

The Practice Resources Editorial Panel (PREP) advises APIC’s Practice Resources department on product development by reviewing proposed product concepts and confirming they correspond to audience needs by topic, format, and competency level. Panel members also propose ideas for new or revised products as needed to ensure that APIC’s practice resources remain relevant resources for members. View Panel. 

Prevention Strategist Panel

The Prevention Strategist editorial panel members help plan content for future editions, identify the best authors for various topics, write articles (as needed), ensure content is in line with APIC’s strategic goals, and review content for clinical accuracy. View Panel. 

Regulatory Review Panel

The Regulatory Review Panel is an ad hoc panel created to provide technical expertise to the Public Policy Committee on regulatory issues. By invitation. View Panel.