The 1970s

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December 21, 1972

APIC founded in Massachusetts. See the full list of APIC’s founders. 



  • The first local chapter, New England Chapter 1, was founded by Carole DeMille, Betsy Pantelick, Shirley Bradley, and others.



  • Carole DeMille served as APIC president. One of APIC’s visionary founders, she later became an internationally recognized authority in the developing field of hospital infection control. She was known for her reverence of the past, vision of the future, and optimistic approach to present day realities. She passed away in 1979, but her vision lives on in the work of infection preventionists and front-line care teams throughout the world.


  • APIC participated in the first international conference on the role of the “Infection Control Nurse” sponsored by the World Health Organization in Denmark.
  • APIC releases first position statement entitled: “Statement on Infection Control Programs.”
  • APIC presented the first Bac-Data Scholarships to Dr. Maryanne McGuckin and to Joan Turner, RN, MS, at the 1978 Annual Conference, held in Boston.  

Maryanne McGuckin accepts the Bac-Data scholarship from George Moore.